Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I talk to my son/daughter about their alcohol and/or other use?

When it comes to talking to your son/daughter about these issues it can be a very tough and confronting time. If you required further assistance call sdecc.

What do I do if I find alcohol and/ or other drugs in my son/daughter’s room?

Finding out that your son/daughter is hiding their alcohol and or other drug use can be a shock for parents. There are a variety of options to handle this situation, including seeking professional advice and support at sdecc.

How do I show my son/daughter that alcohol and / or other drug use can be harmful?

It’s important for all people to be well informed of the risks associated with drug and alcohol use.

Here are some credible links to give you information that you need.

Can I drug proof my son/daughter?

Adolescence can be a challenging time for parents. Young People are more likely to take greater risks during this stage. If you want more support and information, you can click on these links or call sdecc.

How do I get my son/daughter into counselling?

As parents we often want to fix the problem and make things better. For a young person to access this service they need to make the appointment themselves. sdecc offers support for parents during this difficult time.