About sdecc

About sdecc

sdecc is a Not for Profit organisation which specialises in providing free counselling and support for young people aged 12 -25 with problematic alcohol and other drugs (AOD) use and their families across the Northern Sydney region.

sdecc works within a family inclusive, trauma informed framework and our highly qualified counsellors understand the complexities of AOD use, including any mental health issues.

Our Vision

A society that supports people with problematic use of alcohol and other drugs together with any related mental health concerns, minimizes related harms and empowers those people to live a fulfilling and healthy life.

Our Purpose

To empower Young People, their families and communities to minimize the harms associated with their problematic use of alcohol and other drugs.

What we do

  • We provide outcome focused counselling and support services for Young People aged 12-25 with problematic use of alcohol and other drugs, and their families.
  • Our model of care is trauma informed, evidence-based and acknowledges the complexity of co-occurring mental health and substance use issues.
  • We help communities to build the capacity to support Young People and their families facing these issues.

Our Strategic Priorities

  • High quality, outcomes focused, evidence-based service delivery
  • Our people
  • Growth, reach and influence
  • Communications
  • Governance and resource management