For Professionals

For Professionals

Drug and alcohol updates

sdecc provide drug and alcohol updates to professionals working with young people.

Professional Development Workshops

We provide workshops supporting professionals in working with young people who may be experiencing substance use and co-occurring mental health issues. Examples of topics include responding to disclosure, understanding and tackling stigma, increased understanding of harm reduction.

Contact us for more information about our open program or in house tailored workshops.

What professionals say about sdecc

“Relevant, practical information delivered at a level that is easy to understand and apply.”

“Focussed, relevant , real.”

“The presenter really understood how to make the information relevant to our service.”


sdecc accept referrals from professionals for young people living, working or studying within the Northern Sydney region. You can refer a young person with their informed consent using SDECC Referral form. You can also suggest that parents reach out to sdecc for support if they are concerned about substance use and any co-occurring mental health concerns for their child.

Referral form for organisations:

sdecc is accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS).